AE² Software Consulting

We are a ready to help you bring your ideas to life


No Sales Nonsense

When you contact us you will receive a response directly from one of our engineers. This allows us to get to the important functional aspects of your project as soon as possible.


The Right Fit

We are committed to finishing every project we start but we cannot take on every project. We will work with you to understand your requirements and develop a project plan that ensures we have the resources and skills necessary to make your project a success.


Requirements Evolve

We understand that as software is tested and verified by end-users new use cases may emerge and that unknown functional requirements may reveal themselves. Communication and regular checkins are key to keep the project on track even as change requests are implemented.


Your Code

Upon completion of the project all custom source code will be available to you. This gives you the option to maintain it in-house after the initial development has finished.


We specialize in Microsoft Technologies and Microsoft Dynamics products.

  • Client Application Development .Net Winforms, WPF, UWP
  • Web Development Progressive Web Apps (PWA), Web Services, ASP.NET Web Assembly (Blazor)/Razor/WebForms, Vue, Node.js
  • Microsoft Azure App Service Deployments and ALM
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations, AX 2012 and AX 2009.

AE Squared, LLC was founded in 2020 by Stephen Ehlers. Stephen was born and raised in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. He has over 20 years experience in Software development using Microsoft platforms and frameworks. The primary goal of our company is to offer straight forward and cost effective software development solutions without the big-brand overhead and redtape.


Standard Rates

Custom Application Development

$175 / hour

Microsoft Dynamics 365, AX 2012/AX 2009

$225 / hour

App Triage/Performance Analysis

$250 / hour

Contact Info

Mailing Address:

AE Squared, LLC

PO BOX 95071

South Jordan, UT 84095


+1 (513) 666-9110‬